The creation of a Department of Architecture in the nation’s premier University, has been the realization of a long-held dream of both Faculty and general staff of the prestigious University of Ibadan. As such, that you qualified to be given a placement in the Department, should not only be a cause for great rejoicing, but one for sober reflections since, as you take up studentship here, much will be expected of you in terms of upholding time-tested traditions of the training in (and general practice of) the profession of Architecture; in addition to “measuring up”, you will be required to “break barriers” in pushing back the frontiers of existing standards of excellence in the University, by setting new records – both for yourself and the Department.

In addition to the various measures put in place to ensure that you realize your academic goals, it is expected that you will live a healthy social life. As such, the University has provided various facilities to enable you live modestly, but comfortably (in designated students’ Halls of Residence); develop latent sports potentials (at the Sports Centre); fulfill your religious obligations (at the structures designated for such) and develop healthy, progressive peer-relationships at other facilities provided by the institution (such as the Students’ Union concourse). A health facility – the Jaja Clinic – is also available to attend to your health concerns. I encourage you to avail yourselves of the opportunities to use these facilities, and make the most of them.

At the level of the Department, Staff Advisers have been assigned to attend to whatever academic issues you might be faced with, at each class level; please, feel free to use them, and profit by their experience. It is always advisable to relate with them early – as “a stitch in time, saves nine!”

While congratulating you on your excellent choice of a course of study (and ultimately, a career), I wish you a very fruitful and impactful sojourn in the Department of Architecture, and the University of Ibadan, at large.


Professor Cordelia O. Osasona


Department of Architecture,

University of Ibadan.